The Spirits of Speed Technologies application connects your insurance company to users by integrating with your existing system to enable customers to file claims from their app. You will receive the claim documents, pictures of the vehicle, and other required details to directly process the users request enabling you to become more cost effective!

Access to new customers

Our users can see you as a participating insurance company which gives you access to a new potential customer base that will want your insurance if they know the claim process is simple, convenient and effective.


Still doing manual inspections and document collection? Save your time and effort and let customers directly share all details of their claim including pictures, descriptions, police reports, and any other required document for you to process the claim

Simple UI/UX

Say goodbye to complicated interfaces. Our application seamlessly integrates with the insurance company’s existing system and shares customer claims in a simple and user friendly manner.

Calculate customer profitability

Check customer profitability by viewing their claim history and make a data-backed decision on premium renewals to ensure your interests are adequately protected.